Pura Vida Retreat

Pura Vida retreat

The Pura Vida retreat will be a moment in time rooted in connection, love, and strengthening the mother daughter bond. Our fast paced world may prevent us from taking time to slow down and to be present with the beautiful moments that sit right before us. Here is an invitation to co-create a profound experience with your daughter.

Balance is essential in life. This retreat will honor your personal needs and desires. A thoughtfully curated experience includes time to connect with your daughter and with other moms. Of equal importance there will be time to connect with yourself. You can look forward to daily rejuvenation, exploration, or whatever your heart desires.  Life is about collecting experiences and memories. This will be a memory you’ll hold in your heart for a lifetime.

*Pura Vida translates to pure life. It’s a Costa Rican philosophy that values life’s simple treasures; to live a peaceful, uncluttered life with deep appreciation and connection to nature, friends, and family.

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